Broken sad status | Breakup status | Sad status

Broken sad status | Breakup status | Sad status

Broken sad status We all like breakup sad status, whether it is for a reason or for no reason we all like Broken sad status very much. If we all have more or fewer hardships in our life, then Broken sad status is so dear to everyone.

Again, there are many of us who are in a lot of trouble losing a loved one. They really lose their loved ones and suffer a lot. And they use breakup sad status on social media to lighten their mood. Today’s Broken sad status for them.

“Love is not unrighteous,

But in the name of love

It is wrong to act. ”

“Despite the love

  Some relationships


It is ruined because of it. ”

“Faith is like an eraser,

Which falls into every mistake

And he gets smaller. ”

“If you want to love me

Sit before I die

If not after death

Your love

What can I do with it? ”

“Where the dream is ours

One cannot

The reality there is cruel. ”

“Happiness is such an app

Which is not installed in everyone’s life. ”

“It takes a heart to understand some things,

It is broken. ”

“If you can’t be a good pencil,

To write someone’s happy story,

Then be good rubber,

So that you can erase someone’s grief. ”

“I never feel alone because

Loneliness is always with me. ”

“I really want to know what you are

You’re the same as before,

Or have you changed a lot! ”

“People who don’t know how to value the feelings of others,

He can never love anyone. ”

“There is no need for palaces to be good!

One person is enough to gain confidence. ”

“The real hero is that person,

That can overcome sorrow. ”

“Once that hides the tears

Learned to laugh

You no more him

You can’t cry. “

Broken sad status | Breakup status | Sad status

“What a strange life!

‘No one value if you have,

Everyone is looking for the lost. ”

“When in a relationship

When the stubbornness comes

Both of them won.

The relationship just loses. ”

“Life does not end without someone,

But finding someone to lose

There is nothing like it. ”

“What would happen to find so many perfect people in life.!

If there is no love.!”

“Don’t force anyone

To talk with you!

You keep quiet and explain

You can live without them !!”

“Mistakes teach such people.

 In the same way,

love makes people muddy.”

“The mistake was mine,

Because the dream is that I am alone

 was watching”

“It doesn’t take anyone’s love.

I’m fine alone.”

“If you hurt someone, you have to feel sorry

Be it today or tomorrow!”

“Every human being in the world

There is a pain in the heart

The only way to express it is different….!.!”

“Paper boats are toys

But do not throw away the dreams you show?”

I hope you like today’s Broken sad status very much, again Broken sad status has matched with many. Let them all know by commenting and visiting our website regularly to get such posts. If you like today’s breakup sad status, please share it with your friends. If you are in trouble after losing your loved ones or if you are in trouble in your circle of friends, help him to lighten his mind by sharing the Broken sad status.

Sumaiya Jahan Fatema

Broken sad status
Broken sad status

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