Facebook Business Goals Types

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Facebook Business Goals Types

Small business:

  1. Attract an audience and build relationships online.
  2. Reach more customers in your store.
  3. Get more shoppers and grow your online sales.
  4. Add live chat to your website with Messenger.
  5. Establish a presence for your business online.
  6. Take the work out of online lead generation.

Large businesses:

  1. Encourage people to return to your website and take action.
  2. Sell more on your website and directly through Facebook apps.
  3. Make your business or brand stand out online.
  4. Make connections with leads online to increase future sales.


  1. Reach people who have interacted with your client’s business.
  2. Build awareness for your client’s brand or business online.
  3. Establish an online presence for your clients.
  4. Help your clients sell more products online.


  1. Remind people what they love about your business.
  2. Get more people to download and use your app.
  3. Let more people discover what you do.
  4. Get in touch with more leads for your app.


  1. Fill your sales funnel.
  2. Start building or boosting your online presence.
  3. Connect with more customers and grow your start-up sales.
  4. Get more people to download and engage with your app.
  5. Nurture audiences for your start-up with automation.

Media and publisher:

  1. Get more subscribers.
  2. Craft memorable stories.
  3. Refresh your revenue stream.


  1. Sell more merchandise.
  2. Advertise your Page, account, website or channel.
  3. Find new ways to earn money with your content.

eCommerce Discovery:

  1. Convert with ads and tools.
  2. Inspire with creativity on engaging surfaces.
  3. Learn and optimize with measurement.
  4. Personalize data
  5. .Enable shopping on Facebook apps.
  6. Find more customers with Shops ads solutions.
  7. Increase discovery with shoppable photos and videos.

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