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.Gov Link Building | .Edu Link Building | You can find these sites to search these terms;

inurl: .gov blog

Intitle: gov blog


site:.edu “topics”


site:.edu “blog”

site:.edu “forums”

site:.edu “comments”

site:.edu “log in / create account”


site:.edu inurl:blog “seo”

Inurl: blog “seo”

site:.edu blog “car”




Site:.edu inurl: blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “Marketing”

digital marketing site:.edu “leave a reply”

digital marketing site:.edu “leave a comment”

.gove website list

.gove website list in ,,,,,

Here are some search strings to help you find scholarship listing pages:

  • site:.edu “scholarships”
  • site:.edu “college scholarships”
  • site:.edu “scholarships links”
  • site:.edu “scholarship list”
  • site:.edu “list of scholarships”
  • site:.edu “Outside Agency Scholarships”
  • site:.edu “private Scholarships”
  • site:.edu “keyword + scholarships”

Fortunately, finding blogs like this is a cinch using these search strings:

  • site:.edu inurl:blog
  • site:.edu “keyword” “blog posts”
  • site:.edu “keyword” “post comment”
  • site:.edu “keyword” “faculty blogs”
  • site:.edu “keyword” “staff blogs”
  • site:.edu “keyword” “student blogs”

You can find resource pages using these search strings.

  • site:.edu keyword+ inurl:resources
  • site:.edu keyword + inurl:links

Let’s assume you have a site in the weight loss niche. You’d want to start off with broad searches like “health” and “nutrition” before getting specific. This will make sure you net a ton of resource page targets.

  • site:school.edu “admissions”
  • site:school.edu “accommodation”
  • site:.school.edu “local restaurants”
  • site:school.edu inurl:visiting
  • site:yourschool.com inurl:visiting your school

Sometimes schools have pages dedicated to highlighting local businesses for students and faculty.

  • site:school.edu “your city + resources”
  • site:school.edu “local resources”
  • site:school.edu “your city +businesses”
  • site:school.edu your city + “things to do”

First, find .edu pages that list discounts with live, followed links.

  • site:.edu “staff discounts”
  • site:.edu “employee discount program”
  • site:.edu “student discounts”

Blog commenting

  • inurl: blog”guest house” comment query
  • site:.com inurl:blog + “post a comment” + keyword
  • site:.com inurl:blog + “post a comment” + commentluv enabled
  • “Add comment” Your Keywords
  • “Post comment” Your Keywords
  • “Write comment” Your Keywords
  • Your Keywords “leave a comment” / “leave comment”
  • Your Keywords “Notify me of follow-up comments?”+”Submit the word you see below:”
  • Your Keywords “Remember my personal information” + “Notify me of follow-up comments?”
  • Your Keywords “Notify me of follow-up comments”
  • Your Keywords “This site uses KeywordLuv”
  • Your Keywords “Enable CommentLuv”
  • Your Keywords “You can use these tags”
  • Your Keywords “Powered by BlogEngine.NET”
  • Your Keywords “Allowed HTML tags:”
  • Your Keywords “top commenter”
  • “Keyword” “Powered By Blogger”
  • “Keyword” “Powered By WordPress”
  • “Keyword” “Powered By Typepad”
  • “Keyword” “Powered By Drupal”
  • “Keyword” “Powered By Blogengine”

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