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Marketer Rashed is Tactfully Providing Digital Marketing Services to Assist Clients Have a Robust Market Presence.

Interview with Marketer Rashed. Marketer Rashed LLC is an internet marketing firm founded in 2016, in Bangladesh. The firm offers all the digital marketing services to assist clients in improving their business digitally. With an onboard team of expert digital marketers, the firm has served dozens of clients since its establishment. Marketer Rashed understands the importance of digital marketing for a firm, so it offers services based on clients’ business objectives.

Take a look on Marketer Rashed’s profile to learn about their services in detail:

GoodFirms interviewed Md Rashed Miah, the CEO & Founder of Marketer Rashed in which he explained about his company in detail. In his interview, he stated that Marketer Rashed is a personal branding name associated with his name. Md Rashed has over five years of experience in this field. Proceeding with the interview, Rashed also stated the essential parameters for determining a digital marketing strategy. e- The parameters are listed below:

Guaranteed satisfaction
Manual work
Timely delivery, and a few others.

Furthermore, Rashed listed different services offered by Marketer Rashed:

⦁ Instant Messaging Marketing
⦁ Search Engine Optimizations
⦁ WordPress Development
⦁ Search Engine Marketing
⦁ Social Media Marketing
⦁ Pay-Per-Click Advertising
⦁ WordPress Development
⦁ Advanced Facebook Marketing
⦁ Affiliate Marketing
⦁ Customer Analytics
⦁ Marketing Strategy
⦁ E-commerce Marketing
⦁ Magento Development
⦁ B2B Lead Generation
So, for catering clients from different countries like India, US, UK, Australia, and UAE. The firm has completed 300 projects and made 250 clients.

Digital Marketing Services:

The company is involved in offering digital marketing services for the success of a business. Under digital marketing, they offer SEM, SEO, SMM, Email marketing, PPC, Affiliate marketing, etc. The working process starters from-

Concept: The digital team develops the idea to understand clients’ business to develop a strategy.

Prepare- Preparing a plan of action for a plan of action.

Retouch- After the process is implemented, the team of experts checks the process to find out any error and fix it.

Finalizing- the last process is finalizing what procedure to be implemented, and the team ensures to offer success with it.

Sumaiya Jahan Fatema, Co-Founder at Creative Marketing Institute, gave Marketer Rashed a 5-star rating for their digital marketing service.

Sumaiya Jahan Fatema


This process, when applied systematically, reaps colossal benefits for companies in the digital world. With expertise and by applying the right strategies, Marketer Rashed works skillfully to prepare the right digital solutions to help clients mark a digital presence. Plus, they delve into the clients’ business to offer them reasonable and such digital solutions that could drive massive traffic for their business. Moreover, to provide services with, Marketer Rashed maintains a healthy relationship with clients while partnering with them to deliver digital marketing services. Due to their consistent effort and systematic digital marketing services, Marketer Rashed is ranked as one of the best digital marketing companies in Bangladesh at GoodFirms.

Social Media Marketing:

Marketer Rashed very tactfully develops social media marketing strategies to have clients a robust social media presence. Marketer Rashed knows how crucial social media is to connect companies with their customers. This also helps companies to attract prospects and target the right audiences. The firm allows clients to generate business and help them remain active on the social media platform.

By understanding the trends and patterns of all the social media platforms, Marketer Rashed takes it a step further to create an effective social media presence. Plus, the social media team studies and makes strategies by understanding clients’ business to come with the most impactful social media strategy that helps clients increase business and expand their presence globally. Marketer Rashed goes into the basics of clients’ business to deliver them the best social media solutions. Therefore, for working with conviction and having the right kind of expertise, Marketer Rashed would soon rank as one of the top social media marketing companies at GoodFirms.

Having read the information and the detailed interview by Md Rashed Miah, one can also read the detailed interview here. This was an Interview with Marketer Rashed.

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Interview with Marketer Rashed | Top Digital Marketing Expert n BD
Marketer Rashed

Marketer Rashed

This Is Marketer Rashed! A Digital Marketing Expert With Over 6+ Years of Experience On Digital Marketing. CEO & Founder at "Digital Marketing MasterMind" and Madaripur Outsourcing Institute.

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