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Best SEO Expert In Bangladesh

SEO Expert in Bangladesh- It’s not a humble search query in the digital marketing industry. It’s a challenge to prove themself as expert search engine optimizers. Anyone can’t claim to be a skilled SEO expert with this keyword without proof. For this, he has to show himself in the ranks in SERPs at first. Or he needs to show any other successful SEO project from which he gets a lot of organic traffic? In this post, I will discuss all my soft SEO skills. Let’s start!

Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh

I am Marketer Rashed, A White Hat SEO Expert in Bangladesh. Although My Real Name is Muhammad Rashed Miah, I’m known as “MarketerRashed” online. Marketer Rashed is a kind of personal branding name. Over the last 6 years, I have been working as a senior Digital Marketer in Bangladesh and also WorldWide. Now I’m trying to help new people to succeed in their careers in the Digital Marketing And Freelancing sectors besides my services As well as my work. With the Digital Marketing MasterMind training course.

White Hat SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Search Engine Optimization is accepted and supported by Google and other search engines This is called white hat SEO. It’s a real search engine algorithm hack to get a ranking for organic traffic. This will bring good results for a website in the long run.

I am a white hat SEO expert and never offer black hat or grey hat SEO services for my clients. I always offer only white-hat SEO services. I always do the work manually with 100% guaranteed results and also according to all platform guidelines.

I know what’s the negative impact of black hat SEO that’s why I never do it. I also know about almost all Google Tools and Crawlers Like-

As an SEO Expert, My skills areas are below

On-Page SEO Sectors:Off-Page SEO Sectors:Technical SEO Sectors:
Title Tags Optimization
Meta Description Tags Optimization
Header Tags Optimization
URL Optimization
Italics and Bold Tags Optimization
HTML Code Optimizing
Robots Optimization
Image Analysis
.web Optimization of Alt and Title tags
Hyperlink Analysis and Optimization
Internal Navigation Optimization
External Links Optimization
Optimized XML Site Map
Keyword Research Full
Keyword Density Find
Find Competitive Keyword
Collect and Finalize Keywords
HTML Sitemap Generate
Branding Checking
Robot.txt File Generate
XML Sitemap Optimization
Proper Format Resizing and more.
Social Bookmarking
Classified Posting
Document sharing
Article Submission
Forum Posting
Answers Posting
Yellow Pages Posting
RSS Submission
Blog Posting
Guest Posting
Local Listing
Image Sharing
Comment Posting
Press Release Sub
Web 2.0 Submission
Blog Submission
Business Page Creation
Local Listing Creation
Local Business Listings
NAP Consistency Setup
.Gov .Edu, Link Building
PBN listing and more.
Web Index and Status Check
Site Visibility Check
Web Security & Https>SSL
Discover Website Error (500 Error)
Check HTTPS Status Codes
Check XML Sitemap Status
Site Load Speed Check
Broken Links Checking
Mobile-friendly Check
Robots Optimization (Robots.txt)
SEO Friendly Checking
Canonical Issue Fixed
Duplication Minimize
CSS Cache, JS, Html Minify
Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, Etc)
301,302 Redirect
404 Page Not Fount
Loading Speed Test
Web Index Panel Check
Portable Friendly Checking
Subject Responsive Testing
Bad Links & Disavow and more.
My SEO Skills

My Core Skill: In The Digital Marketing Industry!

✅ Search Engine Optimization-(SEO)
✅ Search Engine Marketing-(SEM)
✅ Social Media Marketing-(SMM)
✅ Pay-Per-Click Advertising-(PPC)
✅ CPA & Affiliate Marketing
✅ Advanced Facebook Marketing
✅ WordPress Design & Development
✅ Video/YouTube Marketing
✅ Graphic Design by Canva
✅ Blogging with Google Adsense.
✅ Marketing Strategy
✅ Content Marketing
✅ Email Marketing
✅ Shopify SEO Marketing
✅ A-B testing/survey
✅ Influencer marketing
✅ E-commerce marketing
✅ Lead Generation
✅ Reputation Marketing
✅ Content automation and more.
My Skills

Projects that I completed as an SEO Expert in Bangladesh

As an SEO specialist, Over the past five years, I have worked with many buyers in countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, Bangladesh, and also many more countries. I have increased the growth of their business, and also I have increased their brand’s visibility.

So Far, I Have Completed More Than 100 Projects, Both Big And Small. Here Are Some Parts Of These. Take A Peek Inside My Wonderworld.

Hire me as your SEO Expert In Bangladesh

If you Hire me as your SEO Expert then I will position your organization well on Search Engines with the goal that your clients or customers can discover you effectively! I Provide world-class SEO Services in Bangladesh and everywhere throughout the world.

In the meantime, I have done numerous Local and International SEO ventures from outside of the nation effectively with great notoriety and have tremendous work involved with my esteemed customers.

I give you the correct white-hat SEO answers for your proposed site and am ready to make your vacation as an SEO Expert. I trust you will be more profitable once you get our SEO Services. Presently a day’s people can profit from home all around.

I will give you Special SEO tips which are uncommon for you! You are most welcome to join me to get world-class SEO Service clients. I can guarantee that you will unwind after getting the SEO mystery frame from my Special SEO Session! When you need any help I will provide lifetime support without any budget! You can rely on me.

Benefits of Hiring An SEO Expert from Bangladesh

Nowadays there are a lot of Bangladeshi freelancers doing SEO work through UpWork, Fiverr, and many more freelance marketplaces. And this number is increasing day by day. I also worked in all these marketplaces at one time. I saw there are lots of outside clients hiring Bangladeshi freelancers more and more. Because they provide high-quality services at a very low price. Actually, It’s not a low price for Bangladeshi workers. These are much more in terms of the value of Bengali money. Although it’s a low price for outside clients. Especially for European and American clients.

For this reason, I think you need to hire an SEO specialist from Bangladesh. And I most welcome you to hire me for your regular SEO project at an affordable price. 

Also here is another good news for you. If you give me your SEO project outside of the freelance marketplace then you will be more beneficial. Because you don’t need to pay extra marketplace charges.

By The way, if you want you can hire me on Fiverr. I’m also The Best Digital Marketing and SEO Expert On Fiverr Seller In Bangladesh and Also Internationally. The world-famous popular freelancing market, If you search for “Digital Marketing Services” on then you will get my result in the first line of the search.

My working process: as an SEO Specialist

1. Concept ➤ First of all, We will know about your company’s products or services as well. So that we can get a full idea of ​​your company.

2. Prepare ➤ Secondly, After learning about your company, Then prepare an action plan for your company. Will be fixed to do everything clearly.

3. Retouch ➤ Thirdly, We will correct and fix all inconsistencies in your company. And we will retouch all of your company’s problems.

4. Finalize ➤ Finally, We will take proper action to grow your business and ensure 99% success. You will get the best success in your business. With report delivery done!

You should look at the profile of SEO experts in Bangladesh

Who is defeating the SEO industry in Bangladesh? – At present in Bangladesh, many reputed organizations and superstars are teaching and servicing SEO. The funny thing is that they teach SEO but promote it through Social Media Paid Campaigns. Why do you do that? Ohh I understand. SEO is the industry of competition right? (Like- Sadarghat with a tidy bottom) Many people are building a superman of digital marketing for 400/500 rupees. Alas! The saddest thing is that the new public can’t find easily what is the right direction for them. As result, they buy their SEO services and lost their money.

Many people inbox me personally, the brother that I have completed the course of such and such brother, give me the opportunity to do an internship with you, again many people are directly asking for work. Things make me very frustrated.

Can’t you question your own conscience before you are admitted to the course? That I will learn SEO, but will those who stay on Facebook and YouTube all day teach me SEO? All these superstars know very well that you are a Madan, you can’t think of anything other than Facebook, and you can’t go to Google and do some research. For this, all these organizations and superstars are cheating you in the name of service by washing your stupid brand brain.

Brother, keep in mind that the work of SEO is an art – you always have to do research on it. It’s variable – it’s always up to date. Will those who dance on social media 7 days a week serve you SEO updates services? However, it’s really fun, nothing more. Be careful and think before you start hiring someone!

Way to Find The Best SEO Professional in Bangladesh

Do you want to hire a real SEO professional from Bangladesh for your project? If you want, then here are some tips for hiring the best SEO expert in Bangladesh. I want to tell you, to search on Google by “Digital Marketing Expert in Bangladesh” and check out some digital marketer profiles from Google search results.

Why do you search for “Digital Marketing Expert in Bangladesh”? Do you have this question in your mind? Listen, digital marketing is the root of all things like SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, and more. So the people whose profiles you will find here, are the real SEO superstars to give you services.

If you ask on Google Who is the best digital marketing expert in Bangladesh? then Google will show me to you. Is it interesting right? See the proof below just now-

Featured Snippets an SEO Expert in 2022

Tools That I Use As An SEO Expert In Bangladesh.

Others Tools That I Use as an SEO Specialist

Others Tools That I Use as an SEO Expert

SEO Consultancy Service as an SEO Expert In Bangladesh

I am a consultant and offer SEO Consultancy Services. If you want to handle your business by yourself then you can take a premium SEO Consultancy Service with corporate training. If you want to handle your SEO or digital marketing team then it’s also helpful for you. We offer short-time training + consultancy for business owners. Grow your business with our special SEO Consultancy Service. See the form below, and send me a ticket for Consultancy Service. I will back to you as soon as possible.

Who is the Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh?

Marketer Rashed is the Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh. Because he has already successfully completed over 200+ SEO projects. He has mastered all the parts of SEO and is always up to date. He is a successful SEO Expert in Bangladesh also worldwide as well as a white hat SEO specialist. Marketer Rashed recently publish a very helpful article about the 40+ new digital marketing trends for 2022.

Why Hire me as the Best SEO Specialist In Bangladesh?

6+ years of pure experience in the SEO and Digital Marketing industry. Over 200+ SEO projects successfully completed. 100+ students learn from me. We are the first among 160+ Bangladeshi marketing companies in International IT & Software Research & Reviews Company GoodFirms. Also according to Marketer Rashed LLC is one of the best Digital Marketing agencies in Bangladesh.

I’m Also A Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Marketer Rashed LLC is the top SEO and Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh. Here I provide digital marketing and SEO services to various Bangladeshi companies. In Bangladesh, we provide our digital marketing services in the local Bangla language besides English. It’s very helpful for local clients.

If you are a Bangladeshi businessman/owner and if you feel that you need digital marketing or SEO services then contact me. I will provide you with 100% authentic and valid digital marketing and white hat SEO services. It will help you to get a lot of organic traffic from Google. And help you to grow your business and increase revenue.

What includes in my SEO services?

I provide almost all types of SEO services. Below is a list of my SEO services.

Some Very Important FAQs about SEO Expert Bangladesh.

Why will you choose me for the best SEO service?

I’ll not talk much. I’ll just say, I’m at the top of Google so I know very well how to get your business to the top of Google. So, Let’s together work or send me a quote for more discussion.

How much does it cost to hire an SEO expert bd?

It can be of different types. Visit my pricing page to see the completion.

Who is the best SEO expert in Bangladesh?

Marketer Rashed is the best SEO expert in Bangladesh. Because he has skills in almost all sectors of the SEO industry and he is always updated on these sectors.

Are you the best SEO Expert In Bangladesh?

Yes! Don’t need to believe me, go to Google and search the quarry “Digital Marketing Expert in Bangladesh” See the result and trust Google. You will see About 55,600,000 results after the search and I’m the holder of the first position for the keywords. It’s just an example. I have there are lots of examples like this. It’s a power of my SEO Skills.

Can you call me an SEO expert in Bangladesh?

Yes, you can call me an SEO SEO expert in Bangladesh.

Why Choose Me As an SEO Expert In Bangladesh?

Real and Granted results, Real engagement, Premium support, 100% satisfaction guarantee! Use White Hat SEO for Google Top Ranking. I will analyze how to grow your account organically and get customers to your product.

What result can you expect from an SEO Expert?

Ultimately you will get the top position at Google. And also get a huge amount of benefits for your website. and Yes! I will provide you with 100% White Hat SEO Service.

Why my SEO services are more Exceptional and Special?

Here is some reasons: 1. 100% client satisfaction is my first responsibility. 2. 24 Hour premium support. 3. 100% active real audiences. 4. Targeted information. 5. 100% guaranteed with White Hat SEO works. 6. Unlimited revisions. 7. 24/7 availability. 8. Premium quality service. 9. 100% safety and 10. Time-to-time delivery.

Who Is The Top SEO Expert In Bangladesh?

Obviously, Marketer Rashed Is The Top SEO Expert In Bangladesh.

Note: SEO services offer implementation of SEO practices only, which may take weeks or months before any results begin to show.

Contact Below to Hire the Best SEO Expert from Bangladesh.

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