Advanced Digital Marketing MasterMind Course Syllabus

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About Digital Marketing:

  1. The Concept Of Marketing
  2. Main Purpose Of Marketing
  3. Types Of Marketing Channels
  4. Concept Of Offline Marketing
  5. Why Not Offline Marketing?
  6. What Is Digital Marketing?
  7. Online Vs Offline Marketing
  8. The Benefit Of Digital Marketing
  9. Components Of Digital Marketing
  10. Materials Of Digital Marketing
  11. Digital Lifestyle In Bangladesh
  12. A Career In Digital Marketing
  13. Consumer Behavior In Digital Marketing
  14. Influence Customers by Digital Marketing
  15. Digital Marketing Landscape
  16. Why Failure In Digital Marketing
  17. Mistakes In Digital Marketing
  18. Transforming Into A Digital World
  19. How To Building Your Digital Presence
  20. How Will Digital Marketing Change Future

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  1. What Is (SEM)?
  2. Why Use (SEM)?
  3. Pay-Per-Click(PPC)
  4. Google Adwords
  5. Campaign Set Up
  6. Goal Set UP
  7. Bing Ads
  8. Yahoo Ads
  9. Display Ads
  10. Banner Ads
  11. Info Links Ads
  12. Target Audience
  13. Competitors
  14. Landing Page
  15. Instant Broadcast
  16. Business Boost
  17. Ads Placements
  18. Tag Manager
  19. Many More.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

  1. What is Social Media Marketing?
  2. Importance of Social Media.
  3. Social Media Marketing Strategy.
  4. Best Social Media Platforms.

Facebook Marketing:

Overview of Facebook
Orientation to Facebook Brand Pages
Facebook Business page setup
Types of Facebook Business pages
Facebook Audience Insights & Analytics
Facebook Competitor Analysis
Facebook Groups
Facebook Live
Facebook Boosting
Messenger Chatbot
Facebook Pixel
Facebook Creator Studio
Best Time to Post on Facebook
Post Types and its Dimensions
Successful Case Studies on Facebook
A Successful Study All You Need to Know
How to Make Money Through Facebook

Twitter Marketing:

Overview Of Twitter
What A Good Profile Looks Like
Setting Up Your Profile In Less Than Five Mns
Advanced Profile Optimization
Composing A Tweet
Using Hashtags
What Is A Tweet
Deleting, Pinning And Sharing Tweets
Creating A List Of Twitter Users
Creating Your First 100 Followers
Twuko Amazing

Instagram Marketing:

How To Use Instagram To Get The Best Results
Creating An Instagram Account To Skyrocket Conversion
Types Of Instagram Account (Personal Vs Professional)
Instagram Stories
Instagram Booster Strategy
A Successful Case Study On Instagram
Instagram Booster Strategy
How To Make Money Through Instagram Marketing

Pinterest Marketing:

Pinterest Introduction
Pinterest Interface
How to Use Pinterest
Types of Pinterest Account
Personal vs Business Accounts of Pinterest
How Do I Even Know What to Pin?
Pinterest for SEO: The BEST driver of TRAFFIC!

LinkedIn Marketing:

An Overview on LinkedIn
Benefits of LinkedIn Network
Create LinkedIn Profile
Optimize LinkedIn Profile
What kind of Profile Photo you should Use
What kind of Background Image you should Use
Create a Memorable Headline
Craft an Amazing Summary for your LinkedIn
Recommendations in LinkedIn
Creating New Connections
Posting Content in Profile
LinkedIn Groups
How to Create an Awesome Company Page
LinkedIn Page Postings

YouTube Marketing:

YouTube Overview
Advantages In YouTube
Build And Optimize Your YouTube Account
YouTube Interface
YouTube Settings
How To Upload A Video On YouTube
Things To Know About YouTube Creator Studio
Channel Creation On YouTube
How To Increase Your Subscriptions
YouTube Reports & Analytics
YouTube Booster Session
Identify The Best Niche Areas.
Killer Success Topic About An Influencer On YouTube
How To Make Money Through YouTube

Social Media Marketing Tools:

Social Media Automation Tools
Keyword Research Tool
Tools For Designing
Video Editing Tools
Image Editing Tools
URL Shortening Tools
A session with All Social Media
Bonus Session +Inspiring Case Studies

Freelancing: (Complete Guide)

  1. What Means By Freelancing
  2. How Freelancing Works
  3. Who Can Do Freelancing
  4. History Of Freelancing
  5. Freelancing Can Change Your Life
  6. How To Freelancer Gets Paid
  7. Freelancing Jobs Tax
  8. How Freelance Websites Earn Money
  9. How Freelance Work Is Typically Done
  10. What Freelance Work Can You Do
  11. Demandable Freelancing Jobs Skills
  12. How To Learn Freelance Work
  13. How To Find Freelance Jobs
  14. How To Start Freelancing With No Experience
  15. How To Withdraw Freelancing Jobs Income
  16. Are Freelancing Sites Safe
  17. Are Freelancing Jobs Well
  18. What Are Freelancing Skills
  19. Can Freelancing Be A Full-time Career?
  20. Can Freelancing Be A Career
  21. Which Website Is Best For Freelancing
  22. Why Freelancing Is Good Or Bad
  23. Important Of Freelancing Job
  24. The Difficulty Of Freelancing
  25. Why Freelancing Is Better Than A Job
  26. Freelancing Vs Affiliate Marketing
  27. Freelancing Vs Blogging
  28. How To Succeed In Freelancing

Advanced Affiliate Marketing:

About Affiliate Marketing:

Introduction To Affiliate Marketing
History Of Affiliate Marketing
FAQ About Affiliate Marketing
The Basic Steps Of Affiliate Marketing
How Affiliate Marketing Works
Affiliate Program Payment Methods
Cookies And Affiliates
Tiered Affiliate Marketing
Cross-selling And Up-selling
Multi-tier Marketing And Commissions
List Of Affiliate Marketing Software

Types Of Affiliate Marketing:

Search Affiliates
Price Comparison Service Website
Loyalty Websites
Cause-related And Coupon websites
Content And Niche Market Website
Personal weblogs And Website Syndicates
Email Marketing and Shopping Directories
Registration Or Co-registration Affiliates
File-Sharing Affiliates

Top Affiliate Marketing Platforms:

Affiliate Marketing With Commission Junction
Affiliate Marketing With Amazon Associates
Affiliate Marketing With One Network Direct
Affiliate Marketing With Commission Soup
Affiliate Marketing With Envato Market
Affiliate Marketing With Linkshare
Affiliate Marketing With ShareASale
Affiliate Marketing With Plimus
Affiliate Marketing With Flexoffers
Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank
Affiliate Marketing With Local Affiliate Programs

Join In An Affiliate Marketing Program:

Decide On A Platform
Niche Selections
Find Affiliate Programs To Join
Signing Up As An Affiliate
Logging Into Your Affiliate Account
Integrating Affiliate Links Into Your Websites
Create Great Content
Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Site
Get Clicks On Your Affiliate Links
Convert Clicks To Sales
Monitoring Affiliate Performance And Tracking Sales

Tips And Tricks To Improve Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Links And How To Deal With Them
Promoting Your Affiliate Program
Overcoming The Challenges Of Affiliate Marketing
Performing Market Analysis And Market Research
Market Strategies Establishment
Affiliate Marketing And Organic Search Optimization

Setting Up Affiliate Marketing Program:

How To Attract Affiliates
Hosting And Implementing An Affiliate Program
Growing Your Affiliate Numbers
Setting Up An Affiliate Program
Affiliate Network Service Agreement
Data Feeds And Customer Returns
Merchants/publisher Management
Setting Up An Affiliate Marketing Software
Affiliate Program Promotion And Content Pages
Screen Affiliates
Combating Affiliate Fraud

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

About SEO:

  1. What SEO Means?
  2. History of SEO
  3. Why SEO is Important?
  4. How SEO Works?
  5. Where SEO Use?
  6. Who Needs SEO?
  7. Materials of SEO
  8. Market Demand of SEO
  9. Future of SEO
  10. Career in SEO

Types of SEO:

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO
  3. Technical SEO
  4. Local SEO
  5. Barnacle SEO
  6. Marketplace SEO
  7. White Hat SEO
  8. Black Hat SEO
  9. Grey Hat SEO
  10. Yoast SEO

Off-Page SEO:

  1. What Is Off-page SEO?
  2. Why It Important?
  3. Link Building
  4. High PR Link Building
  5. .Gov Link Building
  6. .Edu Link Building
  7. Mutual Link Building
  8. Web 2.0 Link Building
  9. Reciprocal Link Building
  10. Blog Posting
  11. Forum Posting
  12. Answers Posting
  13. Guest Posting
  14. Comment Posting
  15. Article Posting
  16. Angela’s And Paul’s
  17. Search Engine Indexing
  18. Social Bookmarking
  19. Directory Submission
  20. RSS Submission
  21. Yellow Pages Submission
  22. Press Release Submission
  23. Web Directory Submission
  24. Infographics Submission
  25. Article Submission
  26. Web 2.0 Submission
  27. Image Sharing
  28. Video Sharing
  29. Classified Posting
  30. Document Sharing/PDF
  31. Blog Submission
  32. Classified Listing
  33. Link Exchange
  34. Link Wheel Etc.

On-Page SEO:

  1. What Is On-page SEO?
  2. Why It Important?
  3. Title Tags Optimization
  4. Meta Description Tags Optimization
  5. Header Tags Optimization
  6. URL Optimization
  7. XML Site Map Creation
  8. Italics And Bold Tags Optimization
  9. Internal Links Optimization
  10. External Links Optimization
  11. Keyword Research
  12. Keyword Density
  13. Keyword Cannibalization
  14. Find Competitive Keyword
  15. Collect And Finalize Keywords
  16. Image Optimization
  17. WordPress Plugin
  18. Webmaster Tools
  19. Schema Markup
  20. More Something Hidden.

Technical SEO:

  1. What Is Technical SEO?
  2. Why It Important?
  3. Index Status Check
  4. Site Visibility Check
  5. Https>SSL
  6. Discover Website Error (500 Error)
  7. Check HTTPS Status Codes
  8. Check XML Sitemap Status
  9. HTML Code Optimizing
  10. Site Load Speed Check
  11. Broken Links Checking
  12. Mobile-friendly Check
  13. Robots Optimization (Robots.txt)
  14. HTML Sitemap
  15. XML Sitemap
  16. SEO Friendly Checking
  17. Canonical Issue Fixed
  18. Duplication Minimize
  19. CSS Cache, JS, Html Minify
  20. Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, Etc)
  21. Robot.txt File Generate
  22. 301,302 Redirect
  23. 404 Page
  24. Loading Speed Test
  25. Web Index Panelist Check
  26. Portable Friendly Checking
  27. Subject Responsive Testing
  28. Branding Checking
  29. All These Problems Repair &
  30. Make Sure SEO Friendly Site Structure.

Local SEO:

  1. What Is Local SEO?
  2. Why It Important?
  3. Google Map
  4. Google My Business
  5. Business Page Creation
  6. Local Listing Creation
  7. Local Business Listings
  8. NAP Consistency Setup
  9. Yelp For Business
  10. Classified Listing Etc.

More Things on SEO:

Google Bot
Google Crawlers
Google Spider
Google Dance
Google Panda
Google Penguin

Google Search Console
Google Webmaster Tools
Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
Google Pagespeed Insight
Google MobileFriendly Test
Google Keyword Planner
Google Ranking Factors