Kelli Giddish leaving Law & Order: SVU; is Amanda Rollins dead?

We knew entering tonight’s epic crossover that Kelli Giddish would be leaving Law & Order: SVU. However, there was still a mystery.

How would it happen? Could Amanda Rollins be killed off before the end of the three-hour event?

We’ll admit, we were worried just after the 10:20 p.m. mark of the event, given that this is when Rollins was shot and bleeding out on the street.

After the entire journey, we’d gone through with this character, to see her die in that way would be brutal. To be frank, it’d fill our hearts with sadness and rage.

We’re not thrilled with the exit (especially since signs point to it being financial), but we’d like to think that the departure would give hope that the character could return down the road.

Is that so much to ask? This world has offered up so many other actors the opportunity over the years.

Of course, the show took its sweet time after the shooting letting us know if Rollins was okay or not! (Carisi’s reaction was enough to turn us ALL into puddles on the floor.)