Post Malone takes a nasty tumble while performing ‘Circles’ in St. Louis

Medics had to rush to Post Malone’s side after the rapper fell onstage during his concert in St. Louis Saturday night.

Several fans took to social media to share videos of the nasty wipeout, which occurred mid-show as he was singing “Circles” at the Enterprise Center.

Malone, 27, was walking down a ramp when he stepped into a hole – intended to lower his guitar – that wasn’t covered.

He hit the floor in a fast, violent motion that resulted in his face and entire body slamming to the ground.

A few minutes later, the “Congratulations” singer managed to get up and leave the stage with assistance from the medics.

He assured fans he only needed “three or four minutes” backstage to get himself together.

“I want to thank you for your patience, and I’m sorry there was a big-ass hole in the stage,” Malone told fans after returning, while the audience cheered him on.

“I want to say thank you to everybody for hanging in there, and I want to say thank you, everybody, I got the best f–king fans in the world,” he continued.

“No matter what we f–king do, I’m going to keep trying to kick ass and keep going and make this f–king tour awesome.”

The “Rockstar” singer continued performing despite one fan’s claim that he cracked three ribs and was “hurting so bad he was crying.”

Malone took to Twitter on Sunday and thanked fans for their patience and “putting up with my dumb ass” and further elaborated on how he “bust my ass.”

“We just got back from the hospital, and everything’s good,” he said. “They gave me some pain meds and everything, so we can keep kicking ass on the tour.”