What is Digital Marketing? Learn Digital Marketing in 2023

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Digital marketing is one of the most popular careers and income tools of today. There is no shortage of opportunities, job demands, and quality income in this sector. The current era is the digital age, so it is only natural that digital marketing will become much more popular.

The task of digital marketing is as easy as fixing education. And if you can use this skill in the right way, the income from it is sky-high. So in today’s episode, we will try to give details about digital marketing. If you want to be a good digital marketing expert, read the whole article carefully.

Below are some common questions about digital marketing that we will learn more about today InshaAllah! You may be looking for answers to these questions. Get it all together here.

Some Common Questions About Digital Marketing:

  • What is digital marketing?
  • What is the importance of digital marketing?
  • Why do digital marketing?
  • Why learn digital marketing?
  • How to do digital marketing?
  • What does digital marketing consist of?
  • What can be done to learn digital marketing?
  • What are the benefits of digital marketing?
  • Where do I do a digital marketing course?
  • How to learn digital marketing?
  • What are a digital marketing career and the future?
  • How long does it take to learn digital marketing?
  • What is the Digital Marketing Course Module?
  • What is the income in digital marketing?
  • Is it possible to do digital marketing with mobile?
  • How to be successful in digital marketing?
  • How to stay informed about digital marketing updates?

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the digital version of marketing. This means that in the present age, the marketing that is done using information technology is digital marketing. And to put it simply, all the digital platforms in the world, including the internet and online platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Google, use Gul, so marketing is done. It is also known as online marketing and internet marketing.

The importance of digital marketing

Due to the Karna virus, even in this unsustainable situation all over the world, buying and selling online is still going on. Isn’t that so? And buying and selling online means digital platform digital marketing.

People are sitting at home just ordering what is needed and on the other hand, the delivery boy is getting the empty road and delivering the goods every now and then. It is said that “Kar Poshmas Kar Sarvanash” and that is why I am saying that no one can stop your ruin if you do not understand the importance of digital marketing or do not give importance to it.

Why does digital marketing

At the present time, why don’t you do business, you have to do it under digital marketing. If you take a closer look, you will understand that almost 99% of the people who are doing business now and are succeeding are involved in digital marketing. From the offline version, now all the BEPSA trade is being converted to the online version. People are being updated. Their standard of living is improving. Everyone is now accustomed to shopping online.

The key to all businesses is to be successful when customers and customers are not accustomed to shopping online. The era has changed. The situation has changed. So, I hope you understand why digital marketing is done or why it needs to be done.

Why learn digital marketing

If we take a look at one thing, we will see that nowadays everything has become digital media based or internet-based.

And we also know how important marketing is for every company.

Nowadays, since everything has become digital media-based, marketing is no exception.

See: Although digital marketing is widely used all over the world, its use in our country is comparatively less.

Many businesses do not see the need for digital marketing in their business. But with digital marketing, he can create a lot of new customers and easily compete with competitors.

Again, many people understand digital marketing to mean marketing on Facebook, Facebook marketing means to add (boost) on Facebook, to understand how much more can be added to add on Facebook! First of all, we are not looking at the whole thing then we are trying to take the matter to the other side.

Why Learn Digital Marketing:

You need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business. You need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business. Because marketing is the backbone of a business’s success, digital marketing now occupies 90 percent of the marketing sector. After a while, maybe it will be 100 percent.

1. Consumers are becoming more and more digital

With the change of time and technology, a lot is changing among the consumers of each product. What kind of product do consumers want to see before buying? What are the qualities? What are the benefits of the consumer receiving that product? Who else provides such services? What is the difference between these products and them? Consumers can easily use their mobile phone or computer to find out whether their acquaintances are using the same product or whether the general public is reviewing the product.

Once upon a time, these questions could not be easily understood by consumers in a short time but now by searching on Google or Facebook, it is easy to see which company is providing product pictures, product features and products, consumer opinions, and many more answers. And those products whose information is easily obtained and who see positive reviews are most interested in buying all the products.

Since the consumer is using the digital method before purchasing the product, you also have to reach out to him using the digital method. You need to present the brand and your product to the customer through Google, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. If they want to know about your brand or product they can easily find it. Then the sales of your product will increase. Your business will grow. In 2018, consumers will pay more attention to reviews, so it is important to think about this issue.

2. Internet marketing strategies can be applied at a low cost

The biggest difference between digital marketing and conventional marketing methods is that through digital marketing you can reach your business to the desired customer at a very low cost. With a Facebook page or a YouTube channel, your product can easily reach millions of customers, which is very expensive in the conventional local marketing method.

Various e-commerce companies are delivering product information to thousands of people in our country by spending a few dollars through Facebook ads. It is also going to reach the right person by targeting age, profession, interest, etc. So all the small and big companies in the world are taking advantage of this opportunity for digital marketing. Why would you wrap yourself up?

3. Can be easily tracked

As well as marketing, you have to track the results of marketing. What are the steps of marketing? How much success was found? How did the customer feel about the product or service? Etc. through the tracking system of Internet marketing.

If you create a website and do SEO as an important part of digital marketing then you will easily get visitors and you will be able to track those visitors through Google Analytics. This means that you will be able to know how many people your SEO method has brought to you and what the results will be.

Then what needs to change in marketing? Understand what needs to be added. But it is not possible to understand how many people know about you through conventional marketing methods.

For example, you market your business through different banners or posters but you cannot say how many people saw this poster or banner and how many people knew about you. But in digital marketing, almost every aspect can be tracked. If your marketing strategy doesn’t work out well, you can easily change that strategy. It will also reduce marketing costs.

4. Trends can be easy identifiedঃ

Trends are always important for marketing. Trends change marketing methods. Because marketing always has to be in line with the trend. Again the trend is always changing. So a marketer always has to keep an eye on the trend. Digital media is the most effective way to detect or follow trends. All the trends in Internet marketing are easily known and understood.

Internet Marketing Trends 2022
Digital Marketing Trends 2022

Google Trends shows what kind of trends are going on in certain places at certain times. Strategies can be created according to those trends before creating marketing methods.

5. It’s easy to build relationships with customers

We know how important it is for a business to build relationships with customers. This relationship can be easily created through digital marketing. Digital marketing is done through websites, blogs, Facebook pages, YouTube videos, etc. where the customer can directly express their experience. Through which easy relationships are formed with them. Their likes and dislikes are known and initiatives can be taken easily depending on it. So digital marketing is more effective than conventional marketing methods in this regard.

6. Competitive traders

The simplest answer to why you should do online marketing is that your competitor is doing digital marketing. In our country or internationally, you can see the application of digital marketing in all cases. Today a very small businessman in our country is promoting his product through a Facebook page.

Showing the product to the customer through live video. Just as big companies are hiring professional digital marketers for digital marketing, digital marketing strategists are working according to plan. Why don’t If you do not do digital marketing, a large part of the customer will not know about your product and brand. Then your competitor will take this opportunity.

Also, digital marketing is the time to strengthen your position digitally. It is difficult to find companies in Bangladesh that are not doing Internet marketing.

Therefore, proper implementation of digital marketing is the only key to a successful business today. One right decision can change your entire career. So learning digital marketing in 2022, its practical application, and owning in the freelancing marketplaces is no longer a dream. Now tell me yourself, why learn digital marketing?

How to do digital marketing

There are more than 20 categories of Internet marketing. You need to be proficient in all these categories. Then to do digital marketing you have to work in the online marketplace or you have to have your own business for which you can do digital marketing. You can easily market your company’s products by using online platforms.

If you want you can do marketing work on many platforms at once and if you want you can work with only one platform. But you must use all the platforms for your business script. First, you can start one by one. For example, first, you start with social media marketing.

Speaking of which, there are many more categories in this social media marketing – such as Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Pinterest, Linkedin, and many more. Now you can start with just Facebook marketing if you want. At present, there are thousands of entrepreneurs in Bangladesh who are earning millions of rupees just by using Facebook and sitting at home.

Facebook marketing is a big part of online marketing. If you can master it well, it will be as easy as pulses and rice for you to buy online. Not only Facebook, but in the same way, you need to become proficient in all other categories of online marketing including Facebook marketing. Then you can work efficiently in the digital marketing sector, whether for the buyer or yourself.

What digital marketing is all about

As we have said before, digital marketing is a combination of many things. The Internet world is much bigger at the moment. There are millions of websites involved with this internet. There are also changes in the type of marketing for different types of websites.

For example, the marketing optimization (free marketing) work we do for search engine-type websites is called S, E, O, or Search Engine Optimization. Again, the marketing that we will do with the money in the search engine type website is called S, E, M, or search engine marketing. Similarly, the marketing that we will do through social media-type websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. is called social media marketing. Based on these, I have divided online marketing into 20 basic categories. These are given below: –

  • S, E, O, or search engine optimization
  • S, E, M or Search Engine Marketing
  • S, M, O, or social media optimization
  • S, M, M or social media marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • C, P, A and C, P, L Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing strategies
  • Branding / Reputation Marketing
  • Website Design (WordPress)
  • Graphic design (canvas)
  • Chatbot marketing
  • Instant Message Marketing
  • Campaign Marketing (PPC)
  • YouTube Marketing
  • A-B testing/survey
  • E-commerce marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Content automation etc.

What can be done by learning digital marketing

A lot can be said about what can be done by learning digital marketing. Because nowadays Internet marketing is a very demanding career opportunity. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

1: Freelancing or Outsourcing

Currently freelancing and outsourcing is a very popular source of income. Millions of young people in Bangladesh and around the world are involved in this work. They are constantly earning billions of dollars through freelancing.

Those who work freelancing are called freelancers. And where this work is available is called Freelance Marketplace. There are currently many more freelance marketplaces, including Fiber Upwork. Where you too can earn a very good amount of income with your digital marketing services.

2: YouTube or Blogging

Google is playing the biggest role in today’s internet world. So Google is becoming the career of millions of people. Google AdSense is not unknown to anyone, whether your website or blogger blog, if the content is good, Google will allow you to earn. By uploading videos on YouTube, you too can become a successful YouTuber like thousands of YouTubers. And you can also earn from 500 500 to 000 5000 per month from YouTube.

3: Own business online

What is Online Business?

Online business is all the business that can be controlled virtually from home. This means that all businesses that can communicate with customers and manage all activities through a computer and internet connection are online businesses.

To put it simply, suppose you have a website where you put gas cylinders and offer to sell to customers. And if a customer orders a gas cylinder for you through your website, you will deliver that cylinder to their home. The business that is run in this process is the online business.

Nowadays, with the development of technology all over the world, the internet world has also reached the very top. Shopping, starting from different services, online business is going to be done in different sectors. Many people are becoming self-sufficient by doing online business in a very short time. Again, many are dropping out of online business.

4: Affiliate Commission

Affiliate marketing is a modern and profitable way to earn money online. Using this method, Bloggers and YouTubers promote different companies’ products on their platforms. And then if a buyer buys a product or service through his affiliate link, in return he will get a commission from the company, earning income through this commission is affiliate income or affiliate.

Similarly, when a company launches an affiliate program to increase sales in their business and uses different bloggers and YouTubers for marketing or promotion and pays them a commission in return it is called affiliate marketing.

5: Direct employment in local or foreign companies

If you want to learn digital marketing, you can work directly in different companies in the country and abroad. At present, almost every organization needs a digital marketer. Notice of recruitment of digital marketer is being published regularly on various job sites. So now if you can become a skilled digital marketing specialist then the chances of getting a direct job in different companies in this sector are 100% guaranteed.

6: Own marketing agency/company etc.

When you become proficient in all aspects of digital marketing, you can start your marketing agency if you want without having to rely on the marketplace. From where you can get unlimited income.

What are the benefits of digital marketing?

The main advantage of online marketing is that it can reach a target audience affordably and measurably. Other digital marketing benefits include increasing brand loyalty and increasing online sales. In addition,

  • Target audience-
  • Globalization-
  • Low cost –
  • Trackable-
  • Measurable-
  • Personalization –
  • Openness –
  • Advanced Conversion Rate –

Where to do digital marketing course

Since the demand for Internet marketing is so high, thousands of unscrupulous people in Bangladesh are using this opportunity to teach “digital marketing” in the name of regular deception. Many are returning disappointed them. So how do you do all this cool stuff? Hmmm, if you want to know more about this, you need to read this whole article:

If you want to learn digital marketing, this is a great choice for you. Welcome! But the question is “Where to do a digital marketing course?” You may have noticed that there is a lot of digital marketing training right now. Whether they are skilled or not, they are all trained in digital marketing. It is very difficult for a newcomer to understand which organization will be good for him. For this reason, here are some suggestions for you. I hope that if you follow these three points you will be able to identify which organization will be best for you.

First point: Get to know your mentor/trainer well before you get admitted. Who is your mentor, what are his skills in the digital marketing industry and what he has already done, and more? When you know these things about your mentor, you can easily see if you should learn from him or her.

For this, you can do a Google search with the name of your consultant. Because a digital marketer can be found very easily by searching Google. If you do a Google search for me, do a Google search for my name “Marketer Rashed”. Then you will find everything about me. This is a basic and very practical skill for a digital marketer and SEO expert.

If you search on Google for “Digital Marketing Expert in Bangladesh“, you will find me first. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either. Can’t believe it? Just search once and see the results. I hope you see me! I’m not saying this here for my promotion. I’m just saying you want to find a real mentor. Just remember, a good mentor can help you achieve success. That’s why I humbly suggest that you know your mentor very well before you get admitted.

Second point: Get to know the course modules and other benefits very well before you enroll. The Digital Marketing course covers more than 20 subjects. To become a skilled digital marketer you need to learn these things.

For this, make sure that they will teach you everything from where you learn. Many organizations turn digital marketing courses into multi-course education, which means that about 95% of the organizations break the digital marketing course into 5-10 courses.

Such as SEO courses, Facebook marketing courses, YouTube marketing courses, etc. And charges separately for each course. But all these are digital marketing courses. You must stay away from such organizations.

It is important to know if they will help you after the course, so you need to know this too. You will encounter many problems when you go to work, so you will need a lot of helpers and live support. So, find out how far they have come in terms of support. And find out what their other benefits are by visiting their course landing page. “Digital Marketing Mastermind” is the landing page of our course and if you visit this page you will learn everything about our course.

Third point: Join a live class training course and never buy any kind of video tutorial course. There are many digital marketing instructors in Bangladesh. You should always ignore them.

Since live support is not provided in this type of video tutorial course, they will always tell you to live support, but they will not, it is proven! However, here is some good news for you.

We have a digital marketing support forum and anyone can get help from our forum. This is especially true for Bangladeshi digital marketers. You will find it in the menu above. Or here

How to Learn digital marketing

At present, there is nothing that is not available on the internet. So this post will be more about how to learn digital marketing from the internet.

Online education has improved a lot in recent times. Students are regularly improving their skills through online training on various subjects.

In addition to academic education, the popularity of online work education has increased tremendously. So there are several ways you can learn Internet marketing online. Top 10 Ways to Learn Digital Marketing Online

How to learn digital marketing? (10 effective ways)

  1. Via social media.
  2. By reading blogs online.
  3. Watching YouTube videos.
  4. Directly from Google.
  5. By doing the free course.
  6. With institutional training.
  7. Through the Q&A site.
  8. Read books online.
  9. Read the pdf file.
  10. Join the webinar.

How to learn digital marketing through social media?

Social media is currently the most popular sector in the internet world. Through this, crores of people are exchanging various kinds of information every day. In the same way, if we want, we can use social media to learn many other things, including digital marketing.

You can learn Internet marketing on almost all social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Find digital marketing-related pages and groups on all these social media and stay connected with them regularly. Keep seeing and learning what people are writing about. If you do not understand something, ask them.

To find digital marketing-related pages and groups on social media, search by typing> Digital Marketing Group, Digital Marketing Page, Digital Marketing Help, Digital Marketing Support, Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Mastermind, etc. Then go to all the sites.

How do I learn digital marketing by reading online blogs?

The best way to learn digital marketing is to read online blogs. Maybe no one will tell you this truth. If anyone asks me, what is the best way to learn digital marketing? Then I will tell him without thinking – about education by reading online blogs.

Most online blogs are in English. So if you know English well then you can easily learn digital marketing online. There are many many great digital marketers in the world writing about digital marketing on their websites.

Internet marketing is a constantly changing subject. The most interesting thing is that if you follow all these marketers in the world, you will always be aware of all the changes in digital marketing. Because they are constantly writing on their blog with various updates.

For your convenience, here are some blogs from which you can learn digital marketing.

  • Backlinko
  • Neel Patel
  • Jeffbulus
  • Smart blogger
  • Blogging Wizard
  • Search Engine Journal
  • Content Marketing Institute
  • Marketer Rashed
  • Jeff Goins
  • Copyblogger
  • Search Engine Watch
  • Ahrefs Blog
  • Enchanting Marketing
  • Search Engine Land
  • Yoast Blog
  • SEO book
  • Moz Blog

You can also read a digital marketing blog in Bengali if you want. At present, there are many websites in Bengali that have started writing about digital marketing. You can also visit my website regularly. On my site, you will find two types of writing in Bengali and English.

There are also a number of news sites where you can learn a lot about digital marketing. In short, to get the latest updates on any changes, enhancements, and refinements in the digital marketing industry, you need to visit the above sites regularly and gather information.

In addition to the above sites to find new sites just go to Google> Digital Marketing Blog, Digital Marketing Update, Digital Marketing Mastermind, Digital Marketing Case Study, Digital Marketing Bangla Blog, Digital Marketing English Blog, Digital Marketing Tips, Writing Digital Marketing Tips, Digital Search.

You can search for these keywords by typing them in English and Bengali. However, I hope you understand how to learn digital marketing by reading online blogs.

How to learn digital marketing by watching YouTube videos?

Currently, YouTube is at the top of video-sharing and tutorial-based websites. Millions of people are constantly uploading various tutorial videos in different languages ​​on YouTube.

A lot of tutorials on digital marketing are also being uploaded on YouTube. By looking at these you can easily learn digital marketing.

A list has already been published on our blog about some of the world-famous YouTube channels. For your convenience, the post is shared here: Best YouTube Channels For Digital Marketing

How to learn Internet marketing directly from Google?

Google has an online course academy called Google Digital Garage. If you want, you can learn digital marketing for free from teaching.

Interestingly, if you take a course from Google Digital Garage, you will get a certificate at the end of the course. It can be used in many places online.

To do the course from here you need to go to this link and sign-up with your Gmail account. Then you can do a few courses. Link: Fundamentals of digital marketing.

Learn by free online Marketing course

There are several online platforms including Udemy, Coursera, Udacity, Coursera, Skillshare, edX, Digital Marketing MasterMind from where you can learn a variety of skills, including digital marketing for free.

All of these sites do not always offer free courses. So you need to visit all these sites regularly to know when they are offering free courses.

How do I institutionally learn Online marketing?

All of the above-mentioned sites – you can take training with almost all the sites the take money. In addition to these, many other organizations specialize in Online marketing. Do a little Google search and you will get it.

If you want to learn digital marketing in Bengali, you must read this post – Digital Marketing Course. In this post, you will find a lot of information that will help you a lot.

When institutionally doing a course, you have to consider many aspects. And you will get all these things in this post. We hope you find it useful.

How to learn Internet marketing through a Q&A site?

A question-and-answer site can be one of your ways or means to learn digital marketing.

There are currently several resourceful Q&A sites online that make it much easier to learn more, including modern marketing. On all these sites you will find answers to almost all the questions you need very quickly.

Here are some of the most popular Q&A sites in the world. You can learn a lot from here.

  • Quora. com
  • Digital Marketing Forum
  • Answerbag. com
  • YahooAnswers. com
  • Blurtit. com
  • WikiAnswers. com
  • FunAdvice. com
  • Askville. com
  • Friendfeed. com
  • AnybodyOutThere. com
  • FunAdvice. com
  • Askville. com
  • AskMeHelpDesk. com
  • AnswerBank. com
  • AskDeb. com
  • Able2Know. com
  • Answerly. com etc.

Besides, there are several question and answer sites in Bengali now, such as:

  • Kora Bangla
  • Wonder. com
  • Ask Question dot com
  • E-Knowledge. com
  • Programmabad. com
  • Nirbik. com
  • Q&A. com
  • Maya. com
  • AnswerBangla.com

In addition to these, we have a Digital Marketing Forum. If you have any questions about digital marketing in this forum, I and many others will help you.

If you want to learn from all these sites, you must first go to all these sites and sign-up. Then you can ask any question here.

When asking a question, select the correct category to match your question and use the correct tag.

How do I learn digital marketing by reading books online?

By reading books, we learn something in a basic way. And now there are hundreds of books on online digital marketing. If you want, you can learn about digital marketing by reading all these books.

Books are a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. And for that, you have to go to Google and search for “Digital Marketing Free Book”. Must search in English.

If you search this way you will find many books. Then download and read the books of your choice with Google Book Downloader or any other downloader.

Some popular books on digital marketing

Digital Marketing Books

  • The Art of SEO
  • Digital Marketing For Dummies
  • Youtility
  • Epic Content Marketing
  • Jab Jab Jab Right Hook
  • New Rules of Marketing and PR
  • Digital Marketing MasterMind
  • Social Media Marketing All-in-one Dummies
  • The Science of Popularity in an Age of Digital Distraction
  • Permission Marketing
  • Digital Marketing 2020

How to learn online marketing by reading P, D, F files?

One of the most effective methods of digital marketing education is to read P, D, F files. There are millions of P + D, F files online on top of digital marketing. By reading these you can learn digital marketing.

Online Marketing PDF
Digital Marketing PDF

All these PDF files are mostly free. Do a Google search for “Digital Marketing P, D, F” and you will find them. Then normally download and read these PDF files.

One of the good things about this method of learning is that you can keep it as a backup resource. You can read it later if needed at any time.

How do I learn Internet marketing by joining a webinar?

We are all familiar with the word seminar. But we don’t know much about webinars. When a seminar is held online, it is called a webinar.

Webinars are currently being made online by several other software, including Zoom, and Google Meet. If you do a little research, you will see that different organizations are doing webinars on different topics. Similarly, there are a lot of webinars on digital marketing right now.

Most of these webinars are free. You can also learn Internet marketing by joining them. Of course, you will not be able to learn fully from here.

A bonus method>

How to learn digital marketing mastermind training?

It can also be called bonus again marketing. Digital Marketing Mastermind is the name of our master’s course on digital marketing. The course is in full Bengali language. For details about this course visit: www.marketerrashed.com/training/.

How to learn digital marketing for free?

Here are some of my top videos on digital marketing on YouTube. To be a good digital marketer, you must watch videos. So don’t delay and visit this link (Free Digital Marketing Course in Bangladesh) and watch the videos now.

Here are some of my top videos on digital marketing on YouTube. To be a good digital marketer, you must watch videos. So don’t delay, visit this link (Free Digital Marketing Course in Bangladesh) and watch the videos now.

Above are some of the methods of digital marketing education. You can learn digital marketing by applying any of these if you want. If you want, you can also learn by combining all of them. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments. I will answer inshaAllah!

Which course is best in digital marketing?

We already know that there are a lot of important parts to Digital Marketing. As like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Campaign Marketing (PPC), YouTube Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Video Marketing, Influencer marketing, Content marketing, Content automation, E-commerce marketing, Reputation Marketing, Lead Generation, A / B testing, etc.

All these are very important to you and your business. But in digital marketing, SEOs are considered to be much more important. The reason behind this, SEO is an organic marketing funnel, I mean If you work with SEO then you can do your marketing completely free of cost and it’s a very effective and passive method in the digital marketing industry. And very targeted customers come from SEOs work. For all these reasons, SEO is very important to everyone in online marketing.

What courses do I need for digital marketing?

We already know that there are many parts to Internet Marketing and if you want you can do work by learning about a single part. And we’ve said before that if you want to be a successful and expert Digital marketer, Then you need to be proficient in every part of it.

As a digital marketer, I think, No matter what sector of online marketing you work in – first you need to have practical skills about each of its specific topics. Because no one knows what you have to work on while working. So we have to learn everything in this sector, then we will not be able to work easily and stop somewhere.

You don’t have to be frustrated at the beginning of training. Learning some part of the work does not end the game. You have to be skilled to love the job, you have to be very knowledgeable about each specific part of it. The sad thing here is that there is no organization in Bangladesh that will teach you every part of digital marketing.

Our “Digital Marketing MasterMind” training is a complete Internet marketing course. Considering all these, we have included 20+ sectors of digital marketing in our course – which will enable anyone to become fully skilled in this sector through education and work successfully in the digital marketing sector InshaAllah!

Which certification is best for Internet marketing?

Your real and practical results will present your skills, not your certificates. Different types of certificates are important to you in different ways. You can earn many online Marketing certifications from Google Digital Garage and Google Analytics Academy. If you join our online Marketing Training in Bangladesh then you will get a mastermind certificate from us. There are a lot of certification courses in Modern Marketing. As Like:

  1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Course
  2. Google Analytics Individual Qualification
  3. HubSpot Content Marketing Certification
  4. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification
  5. HubSpot Email Marketing Certification
  6. GetResponse Digi Marketing Certifications
  7. Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certifications
  8. Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certifications
  9. Content Marketing Institute Online Certification
  10. Internet Marketing MasterMind Certification
  11. Getting Started With Google Analytics 360
  12. Customer Segmentation and Prospecting
  13. Facebook Blueprint Certifications
  14. Microsoft Advertising Certification
  15. Google Ads Marketing Certification
  16. Google Analytics for Power Users
  17. Google Tag Manager Fundamentals
  18. Google Analytics for Beginners
  19. Google Analytics Certification
  20. Google Ads Certification
  21. SEMrush SEO Toolkit Course
  22. Introduction to Data Studio
  23. Advanced Google Analytics
  24. YouTube Certification etc.

Digital marketing careers and the future

One thing I would like to say to you in response to the question of what it would be like to be a digital marketing career is that if you are interested in this sector and you like to do the work that is in this sector, then you can start your career in this sector.

Now it would be a long thing to explain, but I do not think it necessary to say so much here. Because we all know that the demand for digital marketing and its market reputation is very good. And it is sure to be even better in the future.

Because day by day everything is getting digitized and everything is becoming internet-based. So marketing in this sector has become mandatory for every company and will continue to be so so if you can be a skilled digital marketer then I think your future career is very bright.

Digital marketing career and its future:

Today I will discuss this topic in a very brief range. In fact, when you do a little bit of modern marketing online. Then basically a lot of things will come to your notice. Whatever it is, I’ve been working on digital marketing online for a long time now. So I hope I can give you a nice idea about this. So my request is to keep reading the whole post from beginning to end and keep applying it in your life exactly as stated here.

One thing we all know very well is that the present is a time of technology. This time why don’t you do anything too big or kind? You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. There is no way you can avoid it.

It is easy to say that the current marketing sector is based entirely on this digital platform. So if you can use these digital platforms to master certain marketing techniques yourself and apply those skills in practical life then there is a possibility of doing something much better than this.

The demand for modern marketing is extremely popular these days. And with this in mind, you can start your career journey anew in this sector. I hope you will go a long way in your life. I am basically with you to explain this whole thing today.

I’m Md. Rashed Mia (Online Marketer Originally Known As Rashed) Today I will give you some important guidelines about a modern marketing career that you can easily succeed in your digital marketing career by applying so let’s get started.

To be successful in an Internet marketing career, in which sectors do you need to acquire skills?

modern marketing is one of the most important sectors online. This is a large branch. There are many branches inside this branch.


  • Search engine optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social media optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Marketing strategy
  • CPA marketing
  • Influence marketing

There are several more subdivisions within this social media marketing-


  • Facebook Marketing
  • Twitter marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Link Dean Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • More with YouTube Marketing-

Search engine optimization, or SEO, has a huge following. Thus other branches have many branches. If you want to see the issues at a glance then click on this link.

Now if you want to take Online marketing as your career. Then you must be well versed in the above topics.

Otherwise, you may get stuck at some point in your career.

What are the things to start an Internet marketing career?

Assuming you have mastered the above skills. Now the question is how you can build your career by using these skills. How You Can Make Income Once you have mastered the above skills, you can start your career if you want through a few methods given below and earn a very good amount.

Now we will first know what are the ways you can earn income at the end of the day if you can master digital marketing skills. In fact, this is why I am talking about income here – no matter what we do, no matter what we do. Basically, our purpose behind it is to earn. So we have to plan our plan in advance.

Here are a few ways you can make a living using your online marketing skills. Inside, you can start your career journey on the subject that suits you best.

  •  Outsourcing or freelancing
  •  Own online business
  •  Affiliate Marketing
  •  Blogging with Google Adsense
  •  Directly employed in the company
  •  Marketing Agency

Here is a brief description of each of these topics for your convenience:

Outsourcing or Freelancing:

Outsourcing or freelancing is a job that you can do in your own home. But to do this you must have a good internet connection and a laptop or computer.

At present, by outsourcing or freelancing, freelancers from many other countries of the world including Bangladesh are earning a very good amount of income. You too can start your career in this sector if you want.

Freelancing by Digital Marketing

There are many types of freelance/outsourcing sites available online. Some of the popular sites are: – Fiber, Upwork, freelancer.com, People Per Hour, etc.

If you want to work on all these sites, you must first go to all the sites and join. Then you need to arrange your profile nicely. You can watch this video if you want. Here is how you can open an account and work on this site. Video Link:

All these sites are called marketplaces. And all these freelancing marketplaces have a separate sector for digital marketing. So if you want you can easily start your digital marketing career through all these sites. And can generate a very good amount of income. You can read this post to get more tips on freelancing.

Own online business:

You can start your own online business using your modern marketing skills. At present many people have taken this sector as their career. And it is generating a very good amount of income.

Since online shopping is currently reaching the peak of popularity. So if you start your business in this sector then you don’t have to worry about whether your product will be sold or you will get customers. Because people are slowly getting used to online shopping. Using this facility, thousands of people in Bangladesh are running their businesses online.

Starting an online business will cost you a lot less money. Because you don’t have to take any physical store for this. If you want, you can run your business from the comfort of your own home. We will have more details about this in another article.

If you want to start a business online, you can start your own business using Facebook, your own website, and other social platforms.

At present, thousands of Bangladeshis are doing business using Facebook alone. You too can start your career journey in this sector. But in this case, you have to work harder, acquire more skills and gain experience. And all this you can find on our website. There are many more blog posts on this topic on the website. You can read them from the menu section if you want.

Affiliate Marketing Career:

Affiliate marketing is a branch of digital marketing. This is basically a skill of yours. When you learn affiliate marketing you will actually understand how it works. Still, I’m trying to make it a little bit shorter here.

Suppose a company has a lot of cars. Now the company is saying that those who sell their cars will be given a commission by the company in exchange.

Suppose a car of that company costs one hundred rupees and if someone sells it, the company will pay him a commission of 20 rupees and the company will pay the remaining 80 rupees.

This is called affiliate marketing or commission marketing. You can make a good amount of income by affiliating in this way.

There are many more types of marketplaces for affiliate marketing including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Alibaba, AliExpress, and CJ Affiliate. You can start your career in the affiliate marketing sector by joining all these sites. However, to become more experienced in this regard, you can take other blogs published on our website later.

Digital Marketing Career With Blogging:

Blogging means writing. If you take a look online, you will see that there are thousands and even millions of websites. Who provides you with various types of content.

I mean, when you go to Google and search for something, Google will refer you to millions of websites. You can go to these websites and find out the information you want. The websites that give you information are basically what you do for others.

If you want to know something, if you search Google, you can see the information on your website on Google. And from there, ultimately, visitors to your website keep coming.

Now the question is what is the benefit to your website visitors? See when you can bring visitors to your website then you can generate income from your website in a few ways if you want. One of them is through Google Adsense.

The job of Google Adsense is to show advertisements of different companies on your website. As a result, whenever a visitor comes to your website, they will see all those advertisements. And in exchange for showing this ad, Google will give you a handsome payment.

Then if you want, you can offer different affiliate products to your visitors in different ways related to the topic on which you have built your website. In exchange, you will get an affiliate commission when they purchase these affiliate products.

You can also promote different companies on your website if you want.

The fact that you bring visitors to your website through various other mediums including Google by writing is what we call blogging or writing. Now if you want you can start the journey of your Internet marketing career in the blogging sector.

Directly employed in a company:

Digital marketing is a very popular medium these days. Internet marketing helps a lot in promoting the company, sustainability, online visibility, online reputation, branding of the company, etc.

That is why online marketing has become a mandatory issue for every company. Now every company needs one digital marketing expert in its marketing department.

And this is why looking at online job sites, it is seen that different companies are constantly posting jobs for recruitment in the digital marketing sector.

So if you want, you can start your Internet marketing career journey directly in all these companies by using your skills.

Since digital marketing is a job that we call remote controlling work. This means you can do this without having to go to the office. So you have the opportunity to work or work in different types of companies in the world, including Bangladeshi companies.

Digital Marketing Agency:

When you gather knowledge and become proficient in the subjects mentioned above. Then you can start a marketing agency if you want. Which will be a digital marketing agency or social media marketing agency.

Basically through this agency, you will offer your services to local and international companies. Many people have started digital marketing agencies and are generating a good amount of earnings. You too can start your Internet marketing career through a marketing agency if you want.

However, one thing you must keep in mind is that when you provide your services to a company, they must be happy with your service and give you a good rating. Because depending on all their feedback you will be able to take your agency to a better level later.

Extra income tips:

If you want, you can earn money by training, guiding, and consulting others on modern marketing. But keep in mind that to get to this stage you need to have a few years of work experience.

You need to be proficient in each of the many parts of Internet marketing. And I need to accumulate practical work experience. If you want, you can earn through training, guidance, or consultation.

How long does it take to learn digital marketing?

In a word, there is no end to learning online marketing. Digital marketing is a changing industry. Everything in this sector is updated regularly. So once you finish a course, it would be foolish to think that your education is over.

However, at the moment there are 20 popular parts of Internet marketing that have been mentioned above. If you want to finish these 20 parts at once, you have to give a minimum of 6 months to 1 year. But remember, you must continue to learn on your own.

Internet Marketing Course Module

Many people want to know what the Internet marketing course module or syllabus is? It’s a little hard to say. Because it doesn’t really have any specific rules. The one who teaches makes the syllabus of the course in the same way. Again, many people create course modules separately for each subject.

Here I show what I created in the syllabus for a Basic Internet Marketing course.

Basic Digital Marketing Course Module

At the beginning of the course, there will be some discussion about online marketing

  • The Concept Of Marketing
  • Main Purpose Of Marketing
  • Types Of Marketing Channels
  • Concept Of Offline Marketing
  • Why Not Offline Marketing?
  • What Is Digital Marketing?
  • Online Vs Offline Marketing
  • The Benefit Of Online Marketing
  • Disadvantages of Digital Marketing
  • Components Of Digi Marketing
  • Materials Of Online Marketing
  • Digital Lifestyle In Bangladesh
  • A Career In Online Marketing
  • Consumer Behavior in Modern Marketing
  • Influence Customers by Modern Marketing
  • Internet Marketing Landscape
  • Why Failure In Online Marketing
  • Mistakes In Digi Marketing
  • Transforming Into A Digital World
  • How To Building Your Digital Presence
  • How Will Digi Marketing Change the Future
  • The 7PS Of The Marketing Mix
  • About Digi Marketing MasterMind
  • Others

How is the income in Online marketing?

It is not possible to say exactly how much money can be made by Internet marketing in that way. I have already said that digital marketing can be done by learning different types of work. Like- as SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, etc. The value of each type of work varies.

Suppose someone does online marketing with article writing. On the other hand, there is someone who does digital marketing with artificial intelligence engineering. In comparison, an engineer earns several times more than an article writer.

No marketer will tell you the exact value. But if you know the work and can be patient, you can expect 1 lakh. I said this only for the expert level. Those who can do more than that.

There is a lower limit for earning money but no upper limit. It is true that skilled people from Bangladesh are earning millions of rupees through Internet marketing, just as many are not able to earn a single dollar, it is also true. Your professional and communication skills are a big factor here.

I’m making so many millions a month, no one will come and tell you. For those who work alone, the amount of their income depends on how long they have been able to work. Many works in groups, and their income is higher.

At the beginning of every job, the salary or income is less. Gradually, as the days go by, the experience increases and so does the amount of income. So is digital marketing. There is a lot of struggle in the beginning. In the beginning, the amount of income is less. With experience, the amount of work increases and so does the amount of income.

In the beginning, you may be able to earn up to 100 $ – 150 per month. Gradually the amount will increase. Your income will depend on how much time you spend. If given time, 60-70 thousand can be found easily in a month.

There are many who have been in other professions and have now left their previous jobs to pursue a career in online marketing/freelancing. Then you understand, they are coming to this profession because they can earn more than before.

Internet marketing with mobile phone

Caution: Make money with such apps. I will not say anything that makes money by clicking on such and such videos, because these are complete spam. I have already said that there are some professional jobs of freelancing that can be done with mobile.

Marketing on Mobile
Digital Marketing on Mobile

I noticed one thing though Cora and got the question, “Can I just start freelancing with my smartphone and internet? How to do Freelancing with Mobile? ” And some other similar questions. The answers to these questions weren’t exactly helpful, most people try to sell their fraudulent schemes and some claim it’s impossible.

Someone who has had the good fortune of freelancing with a smartphone, I think it will be enough to let people know how to do it. There are many people who have achieved the first success of their online career by working through mobile.

First, I want to make it clear that owning a PC is definitely the best way to work as a freelancer. But what if you still can’t build a PC?

Don’t worry. There are many ways you can make money with your skills. You can do the work of freelancing with your smartphone. Some of these tasks are discussed below:

Jobs of Social Media Manager:

This is practically the easiest freelancing job you can do with your smartphone. Your job as a social media manager is to help people (individuals and organizations) manage their social media pages, create better content, and interact with their customers.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people, using social media platforms.

Author or article writing job:

You can write articles, blog posts, website content, ebooks, etc. for clients with your mobile phone. All you need is a great storyteller, a fast typist, and a few apps to write.

The best part is that most of these apps are free and you can get them for free from Google Playstore and Apple Store.

Here are some great writing apps to start your journey as a freelance writer: Google Docs, WPS Office, and Microsoft Office Word.

Virtual Assistant / Assistant Job:

As a Virtual Assistant, your job is to provide professional administrative, technical or creative (social) support. These may include answering phone calls and making phone calls, sending emails, and managing social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Basically, all this work can be done effortlessly with a mobile phone. So, you just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Graphics Designer / Illustrator Work:

The amazing thing about mobile design is that you don’t have to know how to use desktop apps like Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. You Canvas, a web-based and mobile design application. You can create beautiful designs with this canvas app.

All the designs used in this post I made using canvas. Here are some mobile apps you need on your mobile phone as a graphics designer or illustrator. You can get these by searching on Google Play Store or Apple Store.

  • Canva
  • Adobe Spark
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Autodesk Sketchbook Pro
  • Adobe Illustrator draw

Personally, I use Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and Canva to design on my smartphone. Using these 2 applications I have created many designs in the past and still do. You too can get started.

You can visit my youtube channel to see the video tutorial of all-great graphic design on canvas. Go to YouTube and search by typing “Marketer Rashed”.

The work of an online tutor:

You can tutor people online on your mobile phone. All you have to do is find out your area of ​​expertise, then find people who need the knowledge you have.

Now the question may come where to find students. There is no reason to be tense because almost every freelancing marketplace has a dedicated category for online tutors. I hope you will get it if you do a little research.

With your smartphone, you can write video or audio lessons and even write articles and send them to your students. You can take classes using messenger group, google meet, scapi, zoom, Whatsapp, etc.

Sell ​​digital products:

If you are interested in e-commerce but do not want to go through the stress of shipping but store management, this is a good option for you. You can create an online store on Etsy, Shopify, Shutterstock, or Squarespace. Where you can only sell digital products.

Some of the digital products you can sell online include:

Custom Images: Create images or designs that can be used by businesses, freelancers, and other designers, then sell them on Shutterstock or Adobe Stock.

Photo: Take high-quality photos of your surroundings, objects, or even yourself and sell them on Shutterstock or Adobe Stock.

Forms: If you have no idea what to sell, you can create forms on Formplus, download them and sell them on Etsy. You can also help people create online surveys, collect data, and analyze them on FormPlus.

Creating YouTube Content:

Nowadays, YouTube has become a very popular source of income. Making millions of rupees every month from YouTube seems to have turned into ghee. However, this is not an easy task at all. You have to spend a lot of time and effort on this.

If you want, you can create videos for YouTube with your mobile and start your YouTube journey by uploading them regularly. This is a professional job so you have to learn the job well by watching lots of videos on this topic on youtube.

How To Succeed At Internet Marketing

Many brothers and sisters have told me that they work in digital marketing but are not getting any work.

I would say to all of them – see online marketing is a job that if someone says he can do the job of marketing but there is no job then it is inappropriate.

If you know how to do real modern marketing then you must know how to do your own marketing and how to get a job. Honestly, if you can’t do this job then assume your modern marketing flame still has a lot left.

You can put digital marketer tags everywhere you want, but it won’t cost you a penny if you don’t know the right job. So I would say make yourself skilled in Online marketing first then you will not be short of work InshaAllah!

Let’s discuss this a little more logically.

See what Internet marketing or just marketing basically means?

We know that marketing is a system for showing, knowing, buying-selling to people, and also branding a company, the company’s products, or anything.

Marketing means expanding something, whether it’s a product or a service. A company increases its branding by increasing the sales range of its products or services.

Now we call the marketer who does the work of this marketing. And a marketer knows best how to market his services to reach his target. If he can’t do this, then he is no longer a digital marketer. So how will he succeed in Online marketing?

It is possible to learn online marketing for free. But in that case, you will spend a lot of time. If you have time, you can spend time learning Internet marketing for free. And if you have a goal in front of you, a mission, if you want to build a career as a ‘digital marketer’, then spend some money. Spend at least 5 thousand rupees. It will bring you a lot of advanced success.

So again, make yourself skilled in online marketing first, then you will not be short of work InshaAllah! You don’t get away by working. Because modern marketing is a demanding profession nowadays. The demand is increasing day by day and will continue.

At the end of the day, I will say that whether it is from my or someone else’s work, learn digital marketing by hand now. However, it is important to choose a mentor, because only a good mentor can give you good guidance.

How to easily keep up to date with all the updates in Internet marketing?

Most online blogs are in English. So if you know English well then you can easily learn Internet marketing online. There are many great online marketers in the world who are regularly writing about digital marketing on their websites.

online marketing is a constantly changing subject. The most interesting thing is that if you follow all these marketers in the world, you will always be aware of all the changes in online marketing. Because they are constantly writing on their blog with various updates.

Here are the names of some of the blogs for your convenience.

  • Backlinko
  • Neel Patel
  • Smart blogger
  • Blogging Wizard
  • Search Engine Journal
  • In Content Marketing:
  • Marketer Rashed
  • Copyblogger
  • Search Engine Watch
  • Ahrefs Blog
  • Search Engine Land
  • Yoast Blog
  • SEO book
  • Moz Blog

You can also read an Online marketing blog in Bengali if you want. At present, there are many websites in Bengali that have started writing about online marketing. You can also visit my website regularly. On my site, you will find two types of writing in Bengali and English.

There are also a number of news sites where you can learn a lot about digital marketing. In short, to get the latest updates on any changes, enhancements, and refinements in the Internet marketing industry, you need to visit the above sites regularly and gather information.

In addition to the above sites to find new sites just go to Google> Online Marketing Blog, Digital Marketing Update, Internet Marketing Mastermind, Digital Marketing Case Study, Internet Marketing Bangla Blog, Internet Marketing English Blog, Digital Marketing Tips, Writing Online Marketing Tips, Digital Search.

You can search for these keywords by typing them in English and Bengali.

Digital marketing conclusion

Almost all aspects of online marketing have been discussed in this long post. If you still have something to understand, please comment in the comment box below. And especially visit our online Marketing Support Forum regularly and find out the answers to any of your questions. Thanks, everyone!

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